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14 Dec 2016

Live long. Live Sexy. Live Full. With the increasing premium on living the good life, people today have been persistently attempting to earn more money to allow them to splurge on delicious and healthy food and to appear better. Some may buy luxury clothes to create them look better. Some spend hundreds for liposuction in order that their clothes would fit well. And these people work harder to possess more and more, to buy more clothes and to appear better. But what if someone offered you an opportunity to earn more and spend less to appear good? Both of these are what Ardyss International Inc. offers to ordinary people every day who would like to spend less to create them look good, and to earn more than what they are getting from their normal jobs.super slim green lean body capsule

Ardyss International Inc. has developed an extensive line of products with the goal of improving the standard of living of ordinary people as if you and me. Along with great compensation packages for individuals who wish to be a provider, the products are a positive hit!

The Products:

Body Magic

As seen on NBC, this Magic Garment instantly reduces your size by 2, and instantly provides you with an hour-glass figure. The Body Magic flattens your tummy, removes love handles, slims your thighs, and with long-term use, it corrects your posture and lifts your breast and buttocks.


Americans today are becoming more and more health conscious nowadays. Le'Vive just gives them exactly that - Good Health. This dietary drink is a mix of the world's top 5 fruits that hold the highest concentration of anti-oxidants, including Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Mangosteen, Gogi and Noni. The combination of these 5 fruits slows down the aging procedure for cells while supporting good health. The product also increases energy and strength. This super drink is perfect for individuals who live an active lifestyle.

Personal Care Products & Dietary Supplements

Ardyss also offer amazing personal care and dietary products that enable people, especially women, to appear good inside and out. The business offers a wide collection of serums, cellulite systems, exfoliating and firming creams, toners and others. On the other hand, Ardyss'targeted nutrition products include Omega 369 supplements, Pro Digest and Thermogen Tea among others.Super Slim Capsule

Business Opportunities

Ardyss commercializes their products via a network marketing business model. By becoming an Ardyss Distributor, you will have the chance to sell the amazing products stated earlier that aren't that hard to sell. Also you can get amazing compensation packages such as an Ardyss Distributor.

Being an Ardyss Distributor, you can benefit from:

Direct Sales -Buy Ardyss Products at wholesale prices and sell it at retail or slightly below the retail price. As a fresh member, you'll receive a 40% discount from Ardyss.

Fast Start Express Bonus - This is a bonus paid on a weekly basis if you happen to possess new associates under you. If you should be programmed in Ardyss Recurring Order program, you are entitled to get 30% of the Value Points of the first buy for every new associate you bring in.

Power Pack Bonus - The Power Pack is an option to enroll new distributors. With this package, you can enjoy starting your business with amazing Ardyss products with a group pack or with these products you know best, and this also allows you to earn more through Ardyss "Power Start" program. With "Power Start", you'll receive an $80 recruiting commission every time you enroll someone with Power Pack. This may either be paid to you weekly or monthly, which you prefer.

& 5 - Enrollment Relationship Bonus + Unilevel Bonus -

This plan pays on personal and placement volume through eight levels.

10% of the "Enrollment Relationship and Unilevel Bonus" is earned on each distributor you personally enroll, irrespective of where you set her/him.

Along with that 10%, you obtain a portion based on where you set her/him that is usually another 5%. To conclude, the majority of the cases 15 % will undoubtedly be earned in your personally enrolled distributor and a 5% of all distributors enrolled by them.

Unilevel income and enrollment bonuses are earned as of the date of the second purchase of the brand new associates. You can find no limitations on width, and all personal purchases are included irrespective of where in fact the volumes are placed.



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